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S.Arun kumar
S.Arun kumar • Jan 14, 2016

'University of Nightmare' The Game

Project Abstract / Summary : My project is about creating a game with a player controller holding a weapon(Eg: AK 47) and continuously re-spawning enemy AIs(Artificial Intelligence) which would approach the player with the very aim of defeating the user controlling the player character.This is made possible with the help of Unity game engine.The game would consist of the following components:
  • Player Health
  • Player Movement
  • Camera follow
  • Score Manager
  • Enemy Manager
  • Player Shooting
  • Enemy Attack
  • Player Attack
  • Enemy Health
This module maintains the amount of health the player initially has, or after getting damage from the enemy AIs.The game ends once the health bar reaches zero.

This module enables the user to freely move their player controller across the play area.
This module makes the main camera move along the direction of motion of the player controller in order for a smooth gameplay experience.The camera is placed in such a way that it captures the bird's eye perspective of the play area.
This module maintains the score which the player has acquired by killing the enemy AI's which are programmed to attack the player.The higher the health a particular enemy has,the more the score.
This module controls the interval of time after which an enemy may respawn at a particular point in the play area.The tougher the enemy the more time it takes for it to respawn.
This module enables the user to shoot rays of light which gives the impression of a gun fire.
]This module programs the enemy AIs to approach the player character and to reduce the player's health upon contact of an enemy AI with the player character.
This module enable to inflict damage to enemy AIs when the player character shoots.Enemy Health will be reduced proportional to number of successive bullets hit.
This module maintains the health of enemy AIs .The tougher the enemy AI,the more health it has.Once the health of an enemy reaches zero, it means that it is defeated and would be eliminated from the game.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Gaming has taken a vast leap of faith in the entertainment industry.Gaming is used not only for entertainment but also for virtual reality (VR) training sessions for military soldiers, piloting aeroplanes and unmanned aircrafts etc.This inspired me to create a three dimensional game which is aimed at stimulating users' instinct of using the available environments and weapons to protect themselves.Another important reason I chose to work on this project topic, is that it possesses the beauty of integrating programming concepts with game mechanics (such as ragdolls ,mesh collider, armatures ,player controller etc.) thus transforming calculated use of coding into a virtual reality situation wherein users could interact with the carefully programmed in-game AIs(Artificial Intelligence).

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: Sona College of Technology
City: Salem
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year

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