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Udelv CES Promotes the Latest Automatic Driving Delivery Vehicle?

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli latest information. Udelv, the world's leading autopilot delivery company, will launch its latest autopilot delivery vehicle (ADV) model at CES in 2019. The car will use the most advanced technology, and the company has established strategic partnerships with Walmart, Baidu and Marubeni Corporation.

Baidu launched version 3.5 of its Apollo Open Source Autopilot Platform at CES 2019. Udelv's latest Newton model is equipped with the platform technology. Udelv will continue to use Apollo platform modules to build its own autopilot algorithm for a range of specific deliveries in unstructured environments in the future.

Udelv has strong growth in food and grocery distribution, and has established partnerships with Farmstead, an online grocer in San Francisco, Second Harvest Food Bank, a non-profit messaging agency, and Draeger's Market in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Partnership with the above companies is part of Udelv's development strategy, aiming to shorten its ADV product development cycle, accelerate innovation, and enhance large-scale deployment capabilities by using the most advanced technology.

In 2019, Udelv will deploy up to 100 ADVs to customers who have already ordered vehicles, and now it has begun to accept the 2020 bookings.

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