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Trip To Moon To Become A Reality With SpaceX's Crew Dragon Tourists Mission In 2018

They say that money can't buy you happiness. While this is true in eutopia, a chunk of that can definitely take you to space, in fact, land you on the moon in near future. The space-based private influencer, SpaceX has recently announced their interest in sending two citizens to the moon in the year 2018. Owing to the NASA's commercial crew program, the Dragon 2 development is at its zenith while the Crew Dragon (Dragon version 2) program is ready to take a flight to the international space station in late 2017 in automatic mode, without men on board. SpaceX confirmed, the anonymous citizens have already invested a significant amount for their first trip to space which will be firmly established after a thorough health check up followed by an initial training to suit the outbound journey.

The Dragon 2

Elon Musk's company made the first private spaceship Dragon to reach the space station and now with its refurbished version 2, the citizens would soon fulfill their dreams to touch the regolith. A noteworthy gain indeed, when asked about the safety issues concerning such a futuristic mission, the press release affirmed that a handful of fitness tests and the required training will successfully strengthen the assignment. Also, Astronauts Bob Behnken and Eric Boe were seen to check the controls, seating, display and other aspects of the Crew Dragon spaceship during a visit to SpaceX headquarter in Hawthorne, California. The cargo ship changed into a vehicle for a successful human flight mission, something that involves a significant improvement, comes with a calculated risk. But showing no disagreement, SpaceX town men have buckled up to surpass the expectation.

Bob Behnken and Eric Boe

The laymen's trip to space was first harbored and launched in the second quarter of 2015. The next-gen refined spacecraft was featured as the enjoyable ride to space with four windows allowing an open view of the earth and the extended solar system as it leaps forward to the deep space. Made with highest-grade carbon fiber and Alcantara cloth, the seats will offer a comfortable experience. The Crew Dragon is loaded with an advanced emergency escape system that shall take the crew to safety with the same sensation of G-force that one experiences in Disney land.

Hi-tech Seats Inside The Spaceship

The vehicle is equipped with a high-tech display board which will give one information about the position of the spacecraft, its amenities, its inside and outside environment and any other in-kind information in real-time. Further, an Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) will maintain a sustainable environment inside and a temperature of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit would be controlled and maintained as per the onboard crew. Although the Crew Dragon is a fully automatic spacecraft, the onboard crew and SpaceX HQ will be able to tinker with the system when in need.

The Display Board

The space vehicle will be accompanied, rather be launched by the Falcon Heavy rocket which will go through its initial performance test in early summer, 2017. If successful, the rocket will be tagged as the most powerful launcher after the Saturn V moon rocket, to hit the orbit. In synchronization to the current scenario, SpaceX is directed to undergo 4 Dragon 2 missions to International Space Station, of which 3 would be cargo missions and one will carry a team. As per the source, the private missions are heavily encouraged by NASA and the Government as it divides the cost and enhances the flight reliability.

If the due missions can make it on time, the company will launch the joyride to Moon in 2018. Scheduled to be launched from Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A near Cape Canaveral, the spaceship will bear the heritage of Apollo and take a plunge into the deep space and circumnavigate the moon after 45 years. Touting the heritage of Dragon, the spacecraft will move deeper and faster into space. Hoping it to be successful, this could be the first step to a manned mission to the Mars.

How The Dream Will Come True - See The Futuristic Interior Of Crew Dragon

Source: SpaceX | NASA

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