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26 Oct 2007

Training Dilema

hey hi,
I m a 3rd yr mechanical engineering student....i along with my 4 friends(2 mech engg, 1 IT, 1 ETC)all of which are of the 3rd yr..... want to do any kind of training anywhere in India for a period of 15 days to 30 days...starting from 2nd January 2008....which wud help all of us(as our branches defer) wud be lot preferable if we get a stipin for this period.....can any1 help me in getting this herculian task acheived.......I wud b more than grateful for the help granted by any of u......
Plz mail me at
11 years ago

I'd recommend that you should get in touch with your seniors. Let us see if anyone on CE can give you some useful pointers on this.

-The Big K-

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