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15 Jan 2009


need guidance on 'tracking-telescope'

i m a 3rd year electronic engg student...
as my 'mini-project', i plan to make sum telescope which is capable of positioning itself given the co-ordinates of a star/planet, w.r.t some datum position on earth....and also track it(star/planet) as it moves with time w.r.t earth.... this is only the idea to be conveyed
to make it a small scale thing and considering the budget.....i plan to exhibit this using a spotlight/torchlight instead of telescopic lens....and my sky wud be the ceiling of the room, wid sum stars in it....
can anyone plz suggest how i start wid it....in the sense the logic to be used for programming the microcontroller .....and the use of co-ordinate system..
also suggest if any more intelligence be added..

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