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Toyota's Concept Car- A Smartphone?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Farjand, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Farjand

    Farjand Rookie

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    Want a Smartphone? Then try for Toyota's new car. The Japanese automaker's latest concept car Fun-Vii is actually a Smartphone fitted on four wheels. With Toyota's new punch line being "Waku Waku Doki Doki" or “If it's not fun, it’s not a car" the model is expected to be hit as a futuristic car.

    Toyota president, Akio Toyoda, has unveiled the experimental Fun-Vii, which he called &quot;a Smartphone on four wheels&quot; | Image Credit: News.Com

    Ahead of Tokyo motor show, the leading automobile company unveiled its Fun-Vii concept car having features of a Smartphone but still mounted on wheels. The company said that it wanted to have a personal touch to the vehicle so that it appeals to the customers more. The car not only has an in-built intelligent computer but is also able to change its color on wish of the passengers. The advanced concept car is an indication as to what the customers can expect from the auto giant in the present decade.

    Another car which will be launched in Japan next month with the name Toyota Aqua is also a concept car. However with price still undecided, it is uncertain as to when it will be exported overseas. Whenever it will be shipped, it will be sold as Toyota Prius. This electric vehicle is called FT-EV III car on production line and is not designed for heavy travelers. The range of FT-EV III is limited to 105km on single charge and is only for small time groceries and travelling to nearby areas.

    Even with stagnation in Japanese automobile industries, Toyota is moving fast ahead of other manufacturers one of the results is its showcasing of next generation AE86. Moreover for an exchange of green technology, Toyota is also partnering with BMW. With this tie-up, both the companies are capitalizing on each other's strength. BMW will provide the Japanese company with its diesel engines and Toyota will in turn update the German automaker on latest Hybrid technologies. The partnership is expected to boost up the lull in European and Japanese automobile sectors after the economic downturn and the earth-quake disaster which adversely affected the Japanese manufacturers.

    The concept car, Racing car or the Sedan's which the Toyota has been presenting lately have all been successful. This is because of the cutting edge engineering that it employs. The Smartphone concept car Fun-Vii is an example of it. With its unveiling Toyota has initiated guesswork among auto analysts about the trend which may set in.
  2. Amazing concept. I just heard about latest update about Toyota's upcoming venture. This Smarftphone-Car concept is shows how automobile industry has improved.
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