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mansouryar • Aug 7, 2007

To Remove The Gap Between North & South Countries By The Spacewarp Technology

Hi everybody,

How do you think about moving to any desired place by the practical spacewarp technology? Maybe we could have a world without the borders. 😒
mansouryar • Aug 21, 2007
I'm guessing using this technology has many political implications 😉
mansouryar • Aug 22, 2007
Thanks for the comment. I hope that would lead to good results. I've done an interview about this; Maybe you have more thoughts????
Thanks for the comment. I hope that would lead to good results. I've done an interview about this; Maybe you have more thoughts????
Sir It would be great If you will share something about 'Spacewarp Technology'

I personally don't have much of idea about this technology....

mansouryar • Aug 23, 2007
Thanks for the comment. My website contains some information about this. Definitely, I draw your attention to this page:

Since there are considerations about debating on the technical features, I prefer to speak about the social ramifications of this technology, specially the best possible fashion of realizing it.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 23, 2007
Hello Mansouryar,

Will it be possible for you to write a short article for all of us? I guess there are many who'd like to know more about spacewarp technology.

-The Big K-
Mansouryar, I just checked out your website. I haven't read through all your research, but what I've seen so far is very impressive! Next Einstein eh? 😉

Yep, please do write a short article for us. We would all really like to discuss this more.
mansouryar • Aug 24, 2007
Admin, ash; Hello again and thank you.
Well, I liked the word spacewarp, from this article: "A Gedanken spacecraft that operates using the quantum vacuum (Dynamic Casimir effect)
". It can be attributed to the geometries (i.e., traversable wormhole, warp drive, & Krasnikov tube) which are able to be used for faster than light (FTL) communications. My proposed metric can be called the virtual pregnant worm (VPW).
It’s an under research subject, and it needs to be confirmed by the experts of the field. I can address these links:

Having hoped you’d find them interesting and instructive, & feel free to ask any probable question; however I opened this thread to discuss about its ramifications, rather than the technical details.
BTW, please don’t call me so. I don’t care that title, and I don’t waste my energy to deny it too. I’m only a member in here and also hope to be a friendly one. :smile:
Haha, you are most welcomed here in Crazy Engineers bro.

About the technology's ramifications.. I'll just say some things as a brief.

Well, the first thing that came to my mind was politics. At this day and age, the superpowers of this world are highly suspicious of each other and would always be one step ahead of the others. If (or rather when) this tech become a reality, it would be a battle of who gets his hands on it first, along with how to avoid others getting it. Why? because the potential of being such a powerful way of transportation without obstacles.

I would say it is a wonderful discovery and we engineers would have seen it as a marvel that everyone can benefit. Unfortunately there are others who see it as a weapon or tool to get the upper hand over others. I can imagine some ambitious general waiting to use this technology and develop new military strategies that can be potentional devastating.

What can be possible is if there is some sort of regulation. A regulatory body that specifically handles this technology and is autonomous. That is, no one government can control it. I doubt there is such kind of international body that is totally autonomous. UN is mostly backed up financially and logistically by the US anyway. Its going to be a great challenge, I suppose. So.. thats about it for now. As for social ramifications.. I'd have to think about that later! 😛
Rocker • Aug 24, 2007
No doubt this place is full of truly crazy engineers! Ash's points are valid. This technology would cause political problems. However, there is one big problem that might be a result of this technology.

Crime! How easy it will be for the crooks to escape! The police will have to be smarter.

However, this technology will redefine the way we travel, do business, interact. Think about it!
mansouryar • Aug 24, 2007
Thanks friends. Well, after burning many grey cells :dance:, I could list some proposals to minimize the unsavory applications of this technology:

Besides, there is a model in my mind to handle it, for the sake of maximizing the best possible fashion of performing it. Since the financial dependence defines the function of any action, a unique way of funding seems vital for this technology. Indeed, all I need is the daily expense of the Iran’s nuclear program, but since the regime has a religious identity, I haven’t accepted to do it as a governmental project. Also, let me drop a hint that applying it as a weapon could – in principle – evaporate this planet within a moment :sshhh:. So as you see, the profound consequences of this technology would be in ethics, psychology and philosophy. The politics and sociology are the next priorities. I mean the redefinitions of state, nation, nationality, border, geographical differences among the countries, immigration, fighting for the ground, etc.
My celebrated model, is establishing an entity, public as the SETI project, financially independent like the Greenpeace, and under the supervision of the UNO, like the IAEA, and located in a moderate place for its central office. This would give interests to its collaborators too. I seriously think this is the most humane manner of realizing & managing it. Otherwise, it won’t be done so ideal, because the one who pays, is the one who gets ... 👍
BTW, apart from the UN supervision, maybe the media covering it, could be an additional factor too. Let’s engineer this challenge! 😉

mansouryar • Aug 24, 2007
I believe we have to think about applying this technology while it’s still on the state of theory. It could remove the gap between many inequalities and this fact might be opposed by many ones. I don’t mean some stupid leftist points or anarchist ideas; but in a positive viewpoint, it could cause a more moderate world, with new concepts & new possibilities and we must be brave toward such renewing.
However, based on my evaluations, the first generation of the products would have large dimensions, and complicated too, e.g., like that of an accelerator; but the further improved versions must become smaller.
Also, one thing is for sure, an army of physicists, engineers & technicians is needed to this operation … 😒​



mansouryar • Aug 24, 2007
Please think about the world equipped to this innovation. It's not fair if political & military considerations would ruin such an incredible possibility of doing the good works. It's not fair … that's really painful ... 😔​

[​IMG] [​IMG]
mansouryar • Aug 30, 2007
On The Spacewarp Technology

On The Spacewarp Technology

What I mean by that term, is being initialized from my main paper [1], published at the 2005.
It reviews the various theories about moving faster than the speed of light within the framework of the classic general relativity. Also, it suggests a framework for violating the Averaged Null Energy Condition (ANEC) as the strongest theorem for preventing the exotic phenomena in standard physics [2] and further, generating the gross amounts of the required negative energy for a desired geometry. That definite possibility was expanded by author in another paper [3]. The postulated scenarios of interest were to: 1) Considering a null geodesic vector in an asymmetric perforated
Casimir cavity with distant enough separated holes, 2) Null energy condition (NEC) violating pulses of the mentioned ray in the asymmetric and symmetric perforated cavity, 3, 4) Doing the same for non-geodesic curves and negative modes of squeezed light, by including suitable engineering, 5) To interpret the NEC violating region as a quantum knot and taking it to at least nano or micrometers distances by the entanglement principle, and 6) Similar to the last scenario; a scenario, inspired by recent experiments involving the quantum teleportation of a single photon in the lab.
It is clear if one could satisfy the right hand side of the Einstein gravitational field equations, i.e., the stress-energy tensor, it would yields the left hand side of the equations, i.e., the configuration of the correlated spacetime, automatically.
The word “spacewarp”, is a kind of emphasizing on NOT considering the possibility of converting the structure to a closed timelike curve, i.e., time machine or “timewarp”. There are many discussions in the literature about this opinion, however the author believes the nature applies the needed mechanism to avoid the time travels, and specifically, causality violation. One may also see these references [4,5].

Social ramifications, as the initial intent of opening this thread

Realizing this affair, surely would cause many results. One could in principle say, there always is a job for me, there always is a physician for my probable illness, the humanity could respond to the regional problems as a whole, e.g., helping the people after an earthquake. The applications range from coding the information and sending them by a beam of photons traversed through a temporal spacewarp, to space mining, colonization of proper spheres in other stellar systems & contacting to another intelligent species in the universe.
I am interested to hear more items from the visitors. Also, you can ask other related questions about the subject.


I am thankful to below authors who have referred to my work in their research:
F. Rahaman, M. Sarker, A. Ghosh, Dept. of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700 032, India; M. Kalam, Dept. of Phys. , Netaji Nagar College for Women, Regent Estate, Kolkata-700092, India; B. C. Bhui, S. Chakraborty, Dept. of Maths., Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Kolkata-700150, India; B. Raychaudhuri Dept. of Phys., Surya Sen Mahavidyalaya, Siliguri, West Bengal, India.


[1] Mansouryar, M., “On a macroscopic traversable spacewarp in practice,” (2005),,
[2] Olum, K. D., Graham, N., “Achronal averaged null energy condition,” (2007),,
[3] Mansouryar, M., “Can the Present Technology Create Gross Amounts of Negative Energy Density?,” in these proceedings of Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF-2007), edited by M. S. El-Genk, American Institute of Physics, Melville, New York, 2007.
[4] Krasnikov, S., “The time travel paradox,” Phys. Rev. D65, 064013 (2002).
[5] Krasnikov, S., “No time machines in classical general relativity,” Class. Quant. Grav. 19, 4109 (2002).
mansouryar • Sep 3, 2007
See this from an Egyptian website:
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Sep 5, 2007
Bro, I appreciate your input into this.. I'm pretty busy with studies, so I can't really post a long reply about my opinions yet. You're gonna have to wait for that 😉 Keep it up!
mansouryar • Sep 6, 2007
Thanks ash. I'd be glad to see a reply by you my friend; ... and other dear visitors of this thread. I wish luck to all. Thanks again.
Yea, was reading up on the security aspects on your website. They look pretty comprehensive and would work, but I guess only ideally. Im afraid I still have to stress my point about politics. Realistically, if you want to impress this technology to society, you must first change the society (and governments) to be less paranoid, have optimum diplomatic relations, willing to cooperate to such an extent to allow easy access across borders, etc.
You proposed establishing an agency under UN. I mentioned in one of my posts that it is highly influenced by the US. UN can scream and shout all they want about any questionable actions done by US, but they can't do anything about it. Even though UN has many member countries, the UN Security Council has only 5 permanent members. Is that a fair representation of global peace interest? Does everyone have an equal right to have their say? Plus, as long as one country has a potent army, another one would always keep up to maintain equilibrium. We should create a suitable environment before introducing this technology. I guess instead of planting the seed for change for a better world, then have the technology to make it grow.. its better to rake the whole field in the first place to ensure it'll grow properly, or something like that.
mansouryar • Sep 28, 2007
I can change the world in a definite way: working on the theories and experiments. Changing the generations and cultures is not my expertise; it needs long enough periods, not missing the historical chances and attending to the bright minds.
If one likens the current situation of the nations and their positions in respect to each other, to an inhomogeneous mountain, (e.g., the US, Canada, NZ are placed at tops of the wealth and comfort, and some African countries are placed at the valleys of the level of life); realizing such a revolutionary technology could be likened as a flood which equals all the residents of that hypothetical mountain onto the surface of the pumped water, where all of the people are swimming in a common ocean.
Imagine the geographical distance among the richest people of this planet to the poorest ones can be gone within a few moments, corresponding to its virtual instance, World Wide Web.
Anyway, this would make its clearest political influences on the UN. IMO, the US is not a good host for that, maybe Switzerland or another neutral region is better.
Anyway, accepting the Spacewarp technology throughout the world would convert millions of the troops to the cops and appropriating the related removed military costs (an astronomical number?!) to some other more useful affairs like funding the medical and educational institutes seems like a dream. Just think about this picture, one global union, one army, one president and one responsible agency to maintain the security issues of this communicational net.
In a different POV, it might be a fortune that I’m in Iran (and I cannot leave here in a near future), away from the western intelligence services and the politicians who might think this innovation is unchristian, or it has to be kept as a monopoly in the (secret) black projects for indefinite years, until presenting some novel markets at unfair service of quite a few individuals/groups.
I need to make a balance in my activities and this task is too hard indeed. One is dealing with it as a noble and sophisticated end that needs to be reviewed more and deeper by other researchers (a slow process), another is acting as quickly as possible to verify it more seriously at last, a requirement of a successful commercialization and a condition of establishing a confident sense too (sooner than others, if I’m a responsible person).
Thinking before acting, is the vital necessity of reaching to this attractive quest. Any other thoughts, friends?

See this too: 😉

Hows the progress of the research, mansouryar?
gnomic • Jun 4, 2008
No doubt this place is full of truly crazy engineers! Ash's points are valid. This technology would cause political problems. However, there is one big problem that might be a result of this technology.

Crime! How easy it will be for the crooks to escape! The police will have to be smarter.

However, this technology will redefine the way we travel, do business, interact. Think about it!
Larry Niven did several short stories about this back in the 70's.
gnomic • Jun 4, 2008
A couple of thoughts:

Generating such a warp in the gravity well of earth would likely shatter the planet from the gravitational shear forces. If not, it will certainly make the weather interesting as energy forces 1000000000% more than a hurricane generate storms that should create a funnel reaching to the edge of space.

Transporation unions would unhappy. Some SciFi short story back in the 70's was based on that very plot point. Airline mergers would be moot.

Terrorism might be a much bigger problem.

People would have a really interesting tan from the cherenkov (sp?) radiation as the warp collapes. Duck and cover!

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