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guyorf • Apr 27, 2012

Three pole regulator : which way is current flowing?

The three pole regulator is at

According to the conventional theory current is flowing from the positive terminal of the armature down through L1 to ground or back to negative terminal of the armature. L2 flows down through any combination of C1/C2/R1/R2. Then current flows trough L3 and splits to go up through L4 and down trough L5 to the ground and back to the negative terminal of the armature, and up through L4 if C3 is closed to the load and back to the ground to the negative terminal of the armature and also to charge the battery whose negative terminal is also connected to the negative terminal of the armature. Does this seem right or do the arrows mean something else? And why is there a conductor between the voltage regulator and the current limiter?


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