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silverscorpion • Feb 2, 2009

The Srilankan issue and the students' plight.

Hey guys,
I'm sure you all would have heard about the butterfly effect. A butterfly flapping it's wings somewhere in Paris would lead to a hurricane in Newyork..

Something of that sort is happening over here in Tamilnadu.

The srilankan military is attacking the LTTE held areas severely and they are retreating. It's said that there are more than 2 lakh tamil civilians holed up inthe war zone. The srilankan military gave them 2 days to come out of the war zone and go to safe zone. But it sems the LTTE are having them as captives, or for some strange reason, they didnt make it to the safe zone. Today the srilankan militery resumed attack and they bombed a hospital. 20 tamil civilians were killed. It's a massacre.

Now here comes the interesting part. here in Chennai, some college students protested against the government for being non responsive againt Lanka. One of the students set fire to himself and died. Then similar protests started in Coimbatore. Now, fearing that this could be an upraising, the TN government ordered all colleges to be closed indefinitely startng Feb 2nd. All colleges, be it engineering, medical, arts or law, everything is closed. We are all sitting idle in our homes now. The tentative reopen date is 23rd feb, and that is not for sure. This is our plight.😡

This is butterfly effect.

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