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faisal • Sep 7, 2008

The right sensor to use? IEEE Smart Car competition!

HI Guys

i didnt visit our world for a long time, i'm here cz i need ur help guys...i'm joining IEEE smart car competition, so im facing a challenge on what sensor to use in a slope which is 15 degrees, i was planning to use Sharp IR range finder sensor, but i couldnt figure out the postion to put it...i'm sure u guys have a lot to say about waiting ur suggestions, thanks

Crazy mechatronics engineer
faisal • Sep 7, 2008
IEEE Smart Car competition...what sensor to use?....

Hi Guys

i'm joining IEEE Smart Car competition by Freescale company, so i had some challenge on what sensor to use by detecting a slope with 15 degrees...i'm sure you got a lot to say guys, so i'm waiting your suggestions.

Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Sep 8, 2008
Re: The right sensor to use...IEEE Smart Car competition...

Welcome back, faisal 😉 I've merged your posts into one thread.

Wow, first time I heard of this competition! How many universities in Malaysia are participating?

Can you tell us what difficulties you have in positioning it? Do you mean detecting the slope while the car is on it or before? If its on the slope already, better you use a tilt sensor.
faisal • Sep 9, 2008
Re: The right sensor to use...IEEE Smart Car competition...

Hi Ash

thanks ...there are around 11 National Universities joining i guess, its the first time to be held in Malaysia, and the contest will be on December 13..the thing that i'm afraid to use Mercury tilt sensor is that, the liquid will detect when it reaches the slope which i'm afraid it could make some slip to the car...i want to use Sharp IR sensor, so i need your suggestion, how to position it...i have an idea to put in the the way we are going to use Motorola 68HC12 MCU...Which is a new microcontroller for me to use, so if you have any syntax or sites that help, i would appreciate it...thnx
rosdirapid • Oct 17, 2008
Re: The right sensor to use...IEEE Smart Car competition...

i also join this competition, but Faisal's group make a fast progress, we are working on the driver now... any suggest for sensor.. ??😀

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