17 Oct 2008

The CE Gear Store!

😁😁CE Gear Store Launches Today 😁😁

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The CE Gear Store


CE's the way of life for us and now you will be able to wear your Crazy Engineering attitude!

You may now buy high quality (trust us!) , super cool, CrazyEngineers T-Shirts online through our Gear Store!

All CrazyEngineers Tee Shirts carry our logo at the back. So be assured that you will turn lots of heads in your college, office or anywhere you go !

Note: The Gear Store has been launched with t-shirts with one slogan. All the T-Shirts can be customized for Stlye (Men/Women), Colors, Type ( classic, fashion, sport etc.) Just explore the Gear Store!

All the discussions related to this announcement, suggestions for slogans, feedback, queries to be handled in a separate thread below ->


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