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Thanks To Google Chrome, Ramayana Gets Interactive. And How!

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Ambarish Ganesh, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Ambarish Ganesh

    Engineering Discipline:
    Google never fails to amaze. Ramayana, the timeless epic from Indian history has found it's place in the Google Chrome experiments, as <em>The Story Of Ramayana, </em>which is nothing but an interactive tech demonstration that allows the user to find his way with all the narrative, mini-games, draggable windows and G-talk chats aiding him in the process.


    The most trialling task was to come up with a website that could retell the tale of Ramayana in the present digital age to focus on the attributes of Google Chrome, all with Google’s very own products and services. There are some instances here that are sure to light you up in between. Presented in seven parts, this collaborative endeavor among Google, Fantasy Interactive and OgilvyOne establishes the multi-facets of Chromes' developer tools. Follow Rama's expedition in a HTML5 and Javascript world placed out on Google Maps, and give Google's take on this epic a try. Visit the site here.
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