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Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Dec 1, 2008

Thank an engineer!

Some fun short vids by Texas Instruments. What would life be without engineers? 😀

Thank an Engineer

Which reminds me, I wonder how our CE Song is going?
no idea sir,it has been halted in no mans land!!!!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 1, 2008
We'll write 'The CE Song' one day. Don'e lose hope yet.
waiting for that day!!! desperately
raj87verma88 • Mar 8, 2009
The CE song has been written. Now we need to compose the music.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Mar 8, 2009
Oh yeah. I got dibs on the drum beats!
SeemaRao • Mar 8, 2009
wit out an engineer life is like a Desert.......
shalini_goel14 • Mar 10, 2009
I wonder , people call them engineers 😁

They sometimes really lack brains 😁 . I would have preferred moving the people around rather than that bulky system everytime or else no system no work. 😉
ms_cs • Mar 10, 2009
Similar to the beautiful flower without a Smell...

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