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Enock Otiende
Enock Otiende • May 6, 2016

Telecommunication and Information Engineering Project Help

I am final year student pursuing Telecommunication and Information Engineering. Anyone with a final year project to kindly help?
Various fluid drainage systems are attached to patients in wards. Often it is critical to know the quantity and rate of drainage as they may indicate emergency situations. It is difficult for the nursing staff to monitor these on a continuous basis.
See if a level monitoring system can be developed that monitors such drains and uploads the info to designated recipients. Algorithms can be built in to measure rates and also create alerts for abnormalities.
This ebook on force sensors may help.
hikari chan
hikari chan • Jun 22, 2016
hi im a ECE student , sir i need some ideas or suggestion for my thesis ,,can u help me by giving some suggestions? thanks
There is an increase of old people with dementia getting lost. One option is a wearable GPS tracker. Another is a Smart Tattoo. You can explore this area and suggest possibilities.
GPS tattoo - Google Search

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