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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 14, 2008

Technical stuff one should check while purchasing a motorcycle?

I wonder no one thought of this thread before! We've a good bunch of Automobile engineers & enthusiasts who can guide the rest of us [​IMG] with the technical stuff related to motorcycles.

So, all your motorcycle enthusiasts: What are the technical things one should check while purchasing any motorcycle?
sriramchandrk • Oct 15, 2008
I have few queries

1. What is cc? hows it related to power ouput (bhp).
It happens that 2 bikes of same cc deliver different bhp.

2. how are above 2 things related to mileage.

3. They tell that in CG (Centre of Gravity) is low then the drive will be too comfortable. What does this mean, and how to find this CG!?

4. Cant we have good mileage 2 stroke bikes? Quote few models if any.

Thanks & Regards

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