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12 Jan 2017

Survey: Intermission management in IT companies

Hello everyone!

I am a french business school student in Paris and I work part-time as a salesperson in an IT company. I am doing my thesis on the subject of "Management of the intermission period in IT companies" (or being on the bench 😛 ).

While working at this company, I realized that it is a touchy subject and it is not seen the same way by managers and IT consultants. I did a survey but I cannot give this survey to the consultants in my company for confidentiality reasons, dixit the company's management...

That is why I share it here, because I really need engineers' answers for my study to be relevant! Could you please take 2 minutes of your time and reply to my survey? It would help a lot.

Thanks in advance for everyone who will take the time to reply and help someone in need ^_^

Link: Questionnaire ESN/SSII: Gestion de l'intermission

(You can change the survey language to English at the top right of the page)

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