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Summer training - jaipur or ajmer In Rajasthan, India

Discussion in 'Internship | Training | Certifications' started by rahul mathur, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. rahul mathur

    rahul mathur Newbie

    respected sir
    i am a student of BE 2nd year.my branch is electronics & communication.
    i want to take summer training of one month after completing my 2nd year and as you know it is necessary also.
    i want to take it specially in jaipur or ajmer (rajasthan,india).
    so please tell me that from where and what kind of training should i do.
    thanking you
    your's faithfully
    rahul mathur
  2. avnish.narula

    avnish.narula Newbie

    hi rahul,
    i am also in my second year in electrical and electronics branch.Actually the projects for a second year student are very rare.I am also in a fix where to go.By the way training in BEL can be one of the option.
    Can you tell when should we apply to a company for training???:happy:
  3. mayurpathak

    mayurpathak Maniac

    Engineering Discipline:
    Hi Amit,
    Please read my reply to a similar query by another CEan few days ago.
    Although I dont know any one in Jaipur or Ajmer, at least not in IT, I'll try to locate a suitable person who can help you out.
  4. avnish.narula

    avnish.narula Newbie

    hey friends....can anybody help me out??...i am in my second year of my electrical and electronics branch....is there any body from chandigarh in this forum who can help me out???:cean:
  5. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    CEan - Neha & CEan - Aashima are from Chandigadh. Please go through other similar threads in the General Help Section. You may find some useful information there.

    -The Big K-
  6. mohitm5m

    mohitm5m Newbie


    i m the student of electronics and communication..
    can u help to find the summer traing which i have to do after 4th sem.

    so....wtng foer rpl...
  7. dinesh_ag2006

    dinesh_ag2006 Newbie

    Hi Mohit,
    I am also 2nd year student of ECE at IEM Kolkata and looking for Summer training. If you find please inform me.
  8. manu1988

    manu1988 Newbie

    i am a second year engineering student of nmims mumbai pursuing b.tech in electronics and telecommunication. i am interested in doing a summer training or summer project in some company or any reputed institute(iit's or nit's). i would be greatful if you can give me some valuable information about this summer programme. waiting for a favourable response
    thanking you
    Your's sincerely
    Manu Sharma
    [Admin Note]: Providing personal phone number/email address doesn't help. Let all discussions happen on the forums.
  9. mehtaamit12

    mehtaamit12 Newbie

    if you are from it tread and intrested in .NET or java just mail your cv at <removed>
  10. swarnim2412

    swarnim2412 Newbie

    i m a 2nd yr engg. frm elect. n comm. trade....i want to know about d summer training programs at iit delhi..n 1 pleese....
  11. haii im devendra kumar singh studend of 2nd year ece I want to take summer traning of 2 months plsease tell me sth. what r thhe requirement
    for S.T
  12. Harshad Italiya


    Engineering Discipline:
    Electronics & Communications
    actually where are you from and in which field you want to take training... please find the proper company which gives you training and take NOC from College give it to Company then its ok but first choose your field
  13. bugmenot

    bugmenot Newbie

    hello sir,
    i am doing my B.Tech. 2nd year(IVth sem) in EEE from NIT karnataka and i am interested in doing internship or training related to electronics this summer(around 3 months vacation frm may 1)..this is my prior request to you to kindly let me know various internship or training program specially held in vacation related to my course as this will surely help me out during my placement.
    I will be waiting for your reply and will be hoping you recommend me some useful advice from your side. and will be grateful to you if you do the same.
    thanking you
  14. hi Rahul
    if you wanna training in jaipur Plz.. contact to Mr. Ramesh Lamba <removed>
  15. <ads removed>
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  17. ashish.0412

    ashish.0412 Newbie

    i am a student b.e 3rd year electronics and comm. i want to do summer training of six weeks in delhi or ncr. please tell me where i can go.
  18. hi guys iam in 3rd year
    doing Electrical and Electronics Engineering .Actually i need to do
    a project with some firm for 2 weeks.
    So I want to know how should i go about it and whom to contact.
    seeking your early response guys.plz help me out
  19. Saandeep Sreerambatla


    Engineering Discipline:
    For people who need summer training please check in website of IIT bombay there are providing it.
  20. et_vsd

    et_vsd Newbie

    hi friends.. me doing my 2nd year in electrical and electronics engineering in chennai .. wanted to do summer training this year.. can anyone help me to do my training in chennai.. and can anyone guide me in the appropriate in which i can do so.. as i am slightly confused on choosing the subject for my summer training..

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