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yourtubemeera • Jul 10, 2008

summer training in IITs & NITs

i'm meera
i'v arrived in second yr EC ( UPTU ) with 78.45%

i want to do summer training in any of the IITs or NITs next summer
can any1 guide me through the procedure ???😕
do they consider marks for admission OR first-come -first-serve basis ???😕
is there any scope for me ????
do i necessarily hav to hav any aquaintance faculty as guide there???😕

it would be nice for me to go with a group of students for the training ???😒

when does all the admission process start ?? plz tell the approx dates
abhi_01 • Jul 11, 2008
this is abhishek.
i m arrving in 3rd yr of ee.
the reg for doing summer training in iit has comleted
nw u will try nxt year in d first week of june.
marks doesn't matter.
arushii • Feb 20, 2009
hey meera,this is arushii is not so within a few days registration for a workshop at one of the iits will end.if you can then look out for it.and if you get some useful info then plz let me know.i am also a student of 2nd year (ec).thnx.bbyee
amarendra • Apr 6, 2009
didn't get anything on IIT sites...
please post the link or mail to >
Ravi gupta
Ravi gupta • May 23, 2009
hi..this is ravi gupta..i hve completed ma 2nd year with ME...i want to do summer training in iit delhi or kanpur..pls give me full details..
sun89 • Jan 11, 2010
Hi guys

I also want information on summer training in IITs. I heard that IITs charge whole semester's fee for training that true??
stupido • Feb 13, 2010
No No - you dont pay any semester fee for doing a training in IIT. At the max you have to pay the mess and hostel charges. But if you can do a good work, (publication material) you may get some pocket money to take back home.

Before applying, please do some self assessment are you up to the job or not. Just dont go there for time pass or for IIT name, will not be good for you and your college in long term.

Please do your home work correct, what you want to do, what interests you, for example you like Image processing and hate OS, now there is no way you will do good if you take a training for OS related job and that too under a prof. who is OS guru. so be careful.

all the best - do update me on your progress. all the best.
sun89 • Feb 18, 2010
Thanks 😀

Yeah...I'll definitely update if I wud get a chance for training there...!
Mohit parnami
Mohit parnami • Feb 18, 2010
this is mohit parnami,i m in ec 2nd yr,
i too wanna do my training in IIT but dont know how to apply for it.
i m very much intrested in robotics,so plzz tell me how to go for that???
Mohit parnami
Mohit parnami • Feb 18, 2010
this is mohit parnami,i m in ec 2nd yr,
i too wanna do my training in IIT but dont know how to apply for it.
i m very much intrested in robotics,so plzz tell me how to go for that???
kumar sagar
kumar sagar • Feb 23, 2010
I m a student of ECE-IIIrd year.I want to course on Embedded System in this summer.So please provide me information in which places I do this course. Will they provide training certificate after completed this course because in IVth year training certificate is essential requirement.

Sagar Kumar
nakulkothari • Mar 4, 2010
Hi guys..
I am new to this crazy world.
I ,too, am interested in doing Summer Course from IIT. But no method of how to apply in these courses have been highlighted in the above discussion. So friends whoever of you have got any information on how to apply there do post it as soon as possible.
anupam mazumder
anupam mazumder • Mar 6, 2010
I am a student of cse branch and interested in summer trainning in nit durgapur.Iwill be thankfull if you help me out.
hi i m sid i m frm 2nd yr i wnt to do summer training plz give me some info.
nd my email id is
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 5, 2010
@siddhant: Do not use SMS text in your posts.
daredadevil • Apr 5, 2010
yeah.... me tooo... i am from chennai... and i wanna undergo summer training too.... sigh.... google doesn't help much does it? 😀
chichhu • Aug 4, 2010
what is gpa required to qualify the camp?
Alisha Arora
Alisha Arora • Jan 3, 2011
I want to do summer training at IIT. Kindly furnish the information on how to apply for the same. I am a third year student persuing b tech in computer science and engineering.
Adivy • Jul 1, 2011
Hi all,
For those who are interested in DSP-Digital Signal Processsing.They can join the 2 weeks training provided by IIT M- DSP Learning centre.They have summer and winter batches i suppose.
Hope this post was useful for someone.
payaldutta • Jan 13, 2012
when is d exact date for applying in any iit for internship?and how to apply?please let me know

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