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Summer Training For Civil Engineering Student

Discussion in 'Internship | Training | Certifications' started by vikas_cusat2005, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. sir i m in btech second year civil engineering... i want to go for summer training or internship in the month of june or so...
    i request everones help because i m too young to help my self for sucha big ccause
    ...plz help me out...:D
  2. mayurpathak

    mayurpathak Maniac

    Engineering Discipline:
    Re: summer trainng

    Hi Vikas,

    Chill. Summer training is not such a big cause. Anyway, this is not the first time that a second year student has requested our help in locating a suitable training or internship. Its good that you guys are taking interest in the studies and have a zeal of learning (because in my engineering days, I never had)

    Anyway, being a civil engineer, I can tell you that what ever you have learnt till second year of your engineering is not sufficient to work as a design engineer. You really need to know your basics completely to work. Having said that, civil is also a kind of profession where theory doesn't make much of a difference, unless you go into structural design.

    So I advise you to put your first step in Civil world as a site supervisor. You will learn a lot. Try out a small time contractor or a builder. Where are you based by the way?
  3. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    We have couple of threads which talk about summer training. Please search for the keywords "summer training" and you will get the list of all the threads related to summer training. Maybe, you will find some good advice there.

    In the meantime, make sure that you go through this -


    -The Big K-
    Thread to be moved to 'General Help' section.
  4. david

    david Newbie

    hey am a civil engineer student lebanese and and i like to do a summer training in september 2007 if any one can help me to find a summer trainig anywhere in the world
  5. prabhat_verma

    prabhat_verma Newbie

    i m 2nd year ece student n want to have sumer training in june month hardcore related to communication side(specially in signal processing n similar to this)
    plz help me!!!!!

  6. shobhit.goel

    shobhit.goel Newbie

    hiiii i m a civil student & just completed my 2nd year....firstly i was thinking of summer training but now i think learning software like staad pro would me much greater idea along with site supervision ...i live in lucknow up. can u tell me any institute or firm (in north india) which would help me with learning staad pro....
    it would be a great help.....plz consider...
  7. gurpreet09

    gurpreet09 Newbie

    sir i m second year student of civil engineering,i want to do summer training in the month of june,now i m confused that in which company or where should i go for training...
    And whats the procedure to apply for training in the companies......
    please help me i will be highly thankful to you
  8. ahmad.211

    ahmad.211 Newbie

    Iam Ahmad. Iam doing my third year in civil engineering.
    I want to do my summer training from IIT's or any other good construction companies in Delhi. I will b doing my training in june so i dont hav much time left for applying in the companies so plss replly fast...plzz help me....
    Plzz tell me the correct procedure for applying.
    I will b very thankfull.
  9. manoj_camp

    manoj_camp Newbie

    im a third year civil engineering student in chennai..
    i need to go for an internship.. i dont where to apply and how to apply.. can u recommend me some companies names...please guide me...
  10. Sir/Madam
    Im a 3rd year student, pursuing B.E.(Hons.) in Civil Engineering, from BITS-Pilani.

    Following courses have been successfully completed by me:-
    1. Mechanics Of Solids
    2. Analysis Of Structures
    3. Transportation Phenomena I and II
    4. Design Of Steel Structures
    5. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
    6. Hydraulics & Fluid Management
    7. Geodesy(Surveying)
    Im profecient with all the Surveying Equipments, Soil Tests and Hydraulic Apparatuses.

    Looking for an internship opportunity during the months of May/June/July in my rhetorical areas in any organization, preferably in Delhi/NCR.

    Nikhil Banthiya
  11. dazzling

    dazzling Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    Everybody welcome to CE,

    Its good that everybody is conscious about your future and studies. I am in final yr and till now we dint had any summer training or internship. bye the way i've done AUTOCAD classes from nearby institutes. similarly it'll be good for you all to concentrate on your basics first and try to learn some softwares like Auto CAD. STAAD.pro will be helpful in third or final year.because you'll have the structural design subjects from third yr.going to contractor and working as a site engineer will not work until you dont know the basics of civil engg. or any engineer is not with you to teach you the procedure. anyway .best of luck.
  12. Hey!

    @ dazzling - if u come across any company/organization offering internships/summer trainings/competitions, then please let us know about it.


    Engineering Discipline:
    hey nikhil.banthiya
    welcome to CE...:)

    as for the internships...i am also trying to apply for an internship in my summer vacation(in the 2010).but i can tell you what i heard from seniors...

    There are no specific companies or organisations that offer internships.try approaching the company with the request of applying for internships.try for the smaller companies as you get to learn more in there.

    all the best..:thumbsup:
  14. Hey civilprincess!
    Thank you for the information.
    Drop a line if you get hold of anything new.
    All the best! :)


    Engineering Discipline:
    sure will inform the total procedure and process as i come to know of it...:thumbsup:
  16. Staad Pro Enquiry

    Hey CE's !
    Im trying my hand at Staad Pro s/w.
    Ive got Staad Pro 2007 on my system.
    But i cant find any tutorial/courseware for it online (for free).
    Can someone please help me with it.

    If anyone has any tutorial/courseware/usermanual, then please mail it to me or reply here.

    Awaiting a response from Addicts and Apprentices.. :cean:
  17. sam_3990

    sam_3990 Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    can anyone please guide me how to go about summer training in and around delhi..??i'm in dire need of training..i'm a civil engineer.
  18. sreenivas1990

    sreenivas1990 Newbie

    Im studying in 6th semester B.E. in civil engineering.I am looking for internship opportunities during the period July-august 2010.I request you to kindly help me with some information with this.


    Engineering Discipline:
    Hello sam and sreenivas.
    welcome to CE.
    your queries have been answered in the previous posts.
    check it out.
    all the best :cean:
  20. sam_3990

    sam_3990 Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    i'm a second year student and i'm eagerly trying for a summer training in civil not just for the certificate but seriously for learning skills..can someone please help me...plzzz plzzz plzzz:rolleyes:

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