04 Feb 2019

Suggetions for a mini energetic project ideas...

Hi , this is my first question , and i would like some suggetions about a mini project for an energetic and enviromental engineering student ,that project should respect economics conditions as enviromental ones ...

2 weeks ago

What are the projects that you've researched on the Internet? Which ideas did you like and why did you reject them? 

We'd need to know the direction in which you are thinking so that we can help you pick viable ideas. 

2 weeks ago

till now , i'm thinking about using kites for energy i liked this idea , but since this is my first project , it should as simple as possible but at the same time it should be creative..

I would like some ideas and directions from someone that have already worked on a project and how he searched and worked on it ... i'm asking because i feel lost 

2 weeks ago

While kites for energy is a promising concept. it is a bit away from becoming a commercial proposition.  It cannot be an individual's project as too many disciplines are involved. Ithas to be on a large enough scale to be meaningful. It cannot be a mini project.


In the old radio days there used to be what are called crystal sets that harvested ambient RF energy and played local radio stations without extra power. This concept is now returning to harvest ambient RF/WiFi energy to power small devices. Maybe you can consider building a circuit and validating it for performance for a mini project.


Sangeeta Biswas

Sangeeta Biswas

2 weeks ago

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