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nidhi agarwal
nidhi agarwal • Feb 13, 2009

Suggest me projects related with artificial intelligence

suggest me projects related with artificial intelligence.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 13, 2009
nidhi agarwal
suggest me projects related with artificial intelligence.

Well, how about a Chess Playing robot?
komputergeek • Feb 14, 2009
How about summarization tool i.e you will be given a paragraph,article or story whatever...You have to write summary of that.I think you will need to use natural language processing for that.I don't know whether that project is already done by someone.
ms_cs • Feb 14, 2009
Games are probably designed with artificial intelligence algorithms..
well, make a self learning system,all the above application will be met,as for games,no AI is used they are programmed that way!!!
ms_cs • Feb 15, 2009
Thanks for your comment.I did not give any specific example.That is my mistake..Minesweeper game itself is designed with Artificial Intelligence algorithm.Do you agree that?
silverscorpion • Feb 15, 2009
No, Minesweeper is not having AI I think. The layout of the mines is varied each time the game is started. That's all it has. It doesn't configure the mines in run time, which is what an AI engine would do.

Now as for a project in AI, I would suggest... build a game that learns. For example, any simple game like tic-tac-toe can be taken, and you code some AI into it so that the engine learns each time the player plays with it and it becomes progressively difficult for the human to defeat the computer.
ms_cs • Feb 15, 2009
See this , You can understand that Minesweeper game is designed with AI... AI Contest - Minesweeper - C Board
silverscorpion • Feb 15, 2009
hi ms_cs,
just went thru the link you provided. As i said, minesweeper is not an AI game. It's just that the guys in the forum you have mentioned held a contest to develop AI enabled minesweeper. The default minesweeper that comes with windows does not have AI.

@nidhi agarwal: well then, you can as well take up this intelligent minesweeper as your AI project. Rock on..
yaeh,thats true,all games are programmed that way,even if that game creates random difficulties,any system can be made AI,if they can learn or understand things by themselves!!!
ms_cs • Feb 16, 2009
What r the AI algorithms available to design game?
well engines are written for each game and then all components are figured out!!!
ronankeating • Oct 18, 2009
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