Stuck Up In A Job You Don't Like? What To Do?

From experience, I know that there are several engineers who are stuck up in the jobs they don't like. If they had a chance, they'd run away the next moment and do something entirely different. But there are many factors that come in their path to 'freedom'.

Do you think you're stuck up in a job that you don't really enjoy? What are the biggest issues / problems / concerns that make you stick to it? Can we help? 😀


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6 years ago
Good topic indeed.
My situation: I am B.E. (E & C) 2009 passout. Currently working in a media company. I am planning to move to automation testing.

The problem in Indian IT job market is that it's not flexible enough to hire people like us. They hire college students for testing job with no knowledge about testing and are reluctant in hiring people like us. I find this so stupid.

Any suggestions/advice?

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