09 Oct 2016

Steps to port your phone number to Jio

We recently decided to launch WhatsApp based help for CrazyEngineers IO (CrazyEngineers RapidResponse) so that we can help you faster and more efficiently. Having faced issues with current operator, we decided to give Jio a try and decided to port the number to Reliance Jio. I'll keep you all updated about how it works; but here are quick steps to port your number to Jio:

1. Get the porting code:

SMS PORT <your mobile number> to 1900
Example: Type PORT 750-750-8598 and send the message to 1900

2. Wait for the porting code:

You'll receive a confirmation message. A unique porting code will be delivered to your mobile. This step may take a few minutes, so please be patient. We received our porting code in about 10 minutes.

3. Get the unique SIM code (bar code) using MyJio app:

Install the Reliance Jio suite of apps, and generate the unique SIM code. This code will hook your new sim to your phone and is mandatory to obtain a Jio SIM card. The process is straightforward, just install the app and follow on-screen instructions. You'll need an active Internet connection. The app won't generate the code if you are not connected to the Internet.

3. Visit Reliance Digital or Reliance Digital Express store:

Carry your AADHAR CARD to your nearest Reliance store. AADHAR CARD is highly recommended because it cut downs on all the documents and photographs. The process is super efficient and can be done within 2 minutes.

4. Once the formalities are done, be patient!

While general, new SIM activations are quite fast; mobile number porting may take a while. The typical time frame is 7 days. Your phone will be deactivated for about 4 hours before you are ported. You'll be notified about the change as soon as your porting is done.

Our number is yet to be activated. I'll keep track and post updates here and will make an announcement of WhatsApp based help as soon as possible.

If you've any questions about porting your number, just ask. I'll try my best to answer.
Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
10 Oct 2016
I think it is the activation part that's taking the most time. Many people are found to be complaining about their Jio SIM not getting activated for a really long time.
Harshad Italiya

Harshad Italiya

Electronics and Communication
10 Oct 2016
Are user going to get welcome offer after porting or they will be different then welcome and preview offer SIM?

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