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Akshay Parab
Akshay Parab • Oct 10, 2018

Startup or Business Ideas for Electronics Engineering Graduates

If anyone have startup ideas in EXTC field. Jobs related to extc Graduates are decreasing day by day.I want to do something new apart  from doing jobs. 

Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Oct 11, 2018

I love when this kind of discussions are posted on the community. Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @Akshay I have a few friends in the Electronics and Communications branch who have gone on to set up their independent businesses and completely avoided the campus placements.

Let's start with what are the various fields that you can target for business as an EXTC / ENTC engineering graduate: 

  1. You can design and build power supply products (UPS, Inverter, SMPS) and sell them to individual customers. 
  2. You can build solar panel solutions using VLSI technology. Needs research work and capital.
  3. You can tie up with major manufacturing companies in India for developing smart security alert systems and sell them to societies in metro cities.
  4. Home automation company (Think IoT): This has all the buzz right now. We all know smart homes are coming pretty fast. 
  5. Using the power of electronics, you can come up with solutions for smart gardens (think plant watering systems when the family is away on vacation) and sell it via Amazon/Flipkart. Same goes for Smart farming equipment and smart aquariums.
  6. If neural networks is a topic that interests you, there's a lot of opportunities in autonomous vehicles, building intelligent sensors, self-learning algorithms. Applications are immense.
  7. Drop shipping business is the hottest home based online business over the internet nowadays. You don’t need a godown to store the goods. All you need to do is set up a website and ask the wholesale dropship provider to send the products directly to clients when a new order is placed.

Tell us your areas of interest and we all can discuss this further here.

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