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Sony Glasses Add Subtitles To The Movies; Boon For The Hearing Impaired

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Ankita Katdare, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Ankita Katdare


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    Computer Science
    Sony STW-C140GI are the Entertainment Access Glasses with Audio, the holographic technology and a STWA-C101 Data Transmitter are here to give you a natural subtitle movie experience in any movie you want. So, next time you go to watch a foreign language movie or a friend has hearing difficulties, you can carry these glasses with you and you will ses closed caption text seemingly superimposed onto the movie picture. These glasses are right now only compatible with Sony’s 4K Digital Cinemas.


    These glasses from Sony are rightfully called Entertainment Access Glasses because they help people not only with hearing difficulties, but also with visual impairments. Every glass has a pair of tiny projectors that brings the subtitles just in front of your eyes. Whats more, these glasses support 3D too and you can adjust the size, color, position and language of the captions. Whereas, the audio function allows connection of third-party headphones to the caption glasses’ receiver box.

    You will be surprised to know that these pair of glasses are not at a concept stage. They’re already in production, and the hearing impaired can find them at some Regal Cinema locations already. Check out this video from SGNL -

    Via: Technabob
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  2. A solution such as the Sony Access Glasses would be very useful for people with hearing loss in the UK. Although most cinemas now have facilities to screen the latest films with English-language subtitles & audio description for people with hearing or sight loss, there are only around 1,000 subtitled shows every week around the UK. That may sound a lot but it’s only around 1% of cinema shows. In the UK, subtitles are on the cinema screen, for all to see, so require separate screenings - inconvenient for cinemas as well as audiences.

    Subtitle glasses would increase the choice of subtitled films and shows tenfold, which people with hearing loss would very much appreciate. Take a look at this page of feedback from the cinema-going public: http://www.yourlocalcinema.com/quote.html

    In fact a multi-language/caption/narration solution such as subtitle glasses or a caption display would enable under-served, untapped audiences Europe-wide to enjoy the cinema experience. Not only people with hearing or sight loss, but also people whose first language is not the local language.

    The content is ready - film distributors already ensure that most popular cinema releases are routinely captioned, audio described and subtitled in many European languages. Large-capacity DCP hard drives can easily accommodate a digital film and multi-language text/audio tracks.

    With ageing, loss of some hearing or sight is inevitable. Access to film via captions/subtitles and audio description/narration is something that we may all appreciate eventually.

    Derek Brandon
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/yourlocalcinema/favorites

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