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Gopal786 • Mar 6, 2016

Solid modeling of vehicle profile and aerodynamic test

Project Abstract / Summary : Made vehicle profile or body on solidworks software then made a solid model and performed flow simulation and find out drag force. My target was to study how body of vehicle affect vehicle efficiency by resisting velocity. I have also find out drag coefficient by mathematical calculation and match with the experimental data and original data which given on the car body specification. Each data was almost matching.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : 1.A lot of learning like aerodynamics of vehicle.
2.Software skill improve.
3.I thought this is unique.
4.There is no extra cost except software learning.
5.New project.
6.Fully technical.
7. There is nothing that we can manage from outside.
8. Everything i have to manage.

Project Highlights : This project is full of knowledge of software skill, mathematical calculation for aerodynamic. And the best thing is that i am satisfied that yes i have done something which gave me satisfaction. The external examiners gave me appriciation that is all i think that i shoul win thia prize.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Institute/College Name: Gulzar College of Engineering
City: Khanna
State: Punjab
Participating Team From: Final Year

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