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Thinh Nghiem
Thinh Nghiem • Jul 29, 2016

Solar energy to mechanical energy transformation

I have an experiment to transfer solar energy to mechanical energy.
First of all is a cone inspired by an axis.
On the cone are two tiny cups of water.
The whole system is put close to the glass in the room to get sunlight and avoid affection of wind
Then, there will be interaction between sunlight and water molecules, which makes the cone rotate
It is better to implement this idea in tropical countries, where there is plenty of sunlight and temperature is so high, which can heat the water cups
See my clip for more detail
Why did the cup stop? It seems to be turning to start with. Was it spun by hand and the video taken after the cup starts spinning?
There seems to be only diffuse light coming through the window. No sharp shadows, which would be there if there was solar radiation. What creates torque? The cups are too small and at an oblique angle to the light. The angle of incidence is so small that most of the light will be reflected back into the room.
I am afraid that the whole demo is unconvincing.
Tamil azhagan
Tamil azhagan • Aug 10, 2016
Hai sir,I am tamil from covai .I had seen ur reply to james reynold on sep,2011 about a concept of producing current from fan.But the concept is guessed by me too before a weak and I started working for that. Now i find that this was already tried by him.unfortunately he is not available in this CE anymore. So I appraoached u .i need to have a talk with u about this.😒

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