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Smartphones And Electric Vehicles With Just 5 Minutes Charging Time To Be Reality Soon

Batteries are getting better with each passing day. Remember the days when EVs (Electric Vehicles) needed a whole night to get fully charged; now it takes just around 2 hours to do it with some models of Tesla. Even then, the present charging rate is not considered fast enough to get over the insecurity of running out of power. Guess what? StoreDot, an Israeli startup known for making fast-charging batteries, claims to have developed a rapid charging technique that charges your EV or smartphone batteries in just 5 minutes; that’s 25 times more effective than present best tech! And this is not even the best part.


Doron Myersdorf, CEO StoreDot, said in an interview with BCC that their ‘Flashbattery’ tech is all set to launch as soon as the first quarter of next year and the batteries are in pilot production at 2 Asian facilities right now. To prove their claims, with a bold statement, the company recently showed off the charging capacity of their batteries to everyone at CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin.

Digging into the past, the company demonstrated this supposedly new tech at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. In 2014, StoreDot was working on a prototype which could have charged a smartphone in 30 seconds. Don’t know what went wrong with that, but I’m not complaining here. ‘5 minutes’ is an amazing leap! Although we still have to wait around 3 years more to get such charging times on a car, we are getting it on smartphones next year (probably).

StoreDot uses an entirely different reaction to getting the ions moving between the electrodes at unusually high speeds. Not just that, the proprietary organic compounds used in their batteries are not flammable and have never been used. This even makes their tech comparatively safer to Li-ion batteries. There is still a big question mark at the affordability as no info is released regarding the price. If pocket-friendly, FlashBattery has the caliber to shape the changes in near future.

Source: BBC

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