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Satya Swaroop Dash
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27 Oct 2014

SkyCruiser Airplane & SkyProwler Drone Feature Vertical Take-off & Landing

Krossblade Aerospace Systems have tried to make Marvel’s The Avengers’ Helicarrier a reality by announcing plans for a conceptual airplane and a drone that employ vertical takeoff and landing. The SkyProwler drone and SkyCruiser concept airplane employ switchblade mechanism for deploying rotors that help the aircraft climb to the appropriate altitude and once they reach that altitude the rotors disengage and fold back into the aircraft and the rear mounted propellers motors fly the aircraft to the destination. Once they reach the destination, the aircraft deploys the rotors to help it land vertically.

SkyCruiser 2

The team explains on their website that the switchblade mechanism offers benefits of helicopters and aeroplanes on a single aircraft. Helicopters do not require runways for takeoff and landing and the rotors help them hover without any difficulty. This feature however makes them less aerodynamic and forces them to undertake slower and less fuel efficient journeys than aeroplanes. Aeroplanes are brilliant for long range fuel efficient flights but they require a massive runway and cannot hover. On the SkyCruiser and SkyProwler you get the best of both worlds.

SkyCruiser 1

The SkyCruiser which is a concept for the time being has got five seats and a separate cargo bay just like a family hatchback car. Just to spice things up the company has fitted it with gull-wing doors like you find on a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The SkyCruiser is a hybrid aircraft that employs 320hp electric power for silent vertical takeoff with the help of its 8 independent rotors. Once at appropriate height the two rear motors can propel the SkyCruiser at 505kmph. The SkyCruiser has a range of 1620kms which makes it a good option for cross country flights. The takeoff and landing is fully automated and once you reach your destination you can use it as a regular car. Since the SkyCruiser is still a concept the actual product is years away.

SkyCruiser 3

If you want to experience the same thing in a miniature form, you can opt for SkyProwler drone. This drone is already in its prototype stage and will be launched for the public soon. You can view the drone in action in the video embedded below its picture.

For more information on the SkyCruiser concept airplane & SkyProwler drone check out the Krossblade Aerospace Systems website.

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