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Simple arduino project ideas for final year ECE students

Arduino, an open source company which is known for making affordable microcontrollers and related hardware has now become the first choice for DIY hobbyists and engineering students. Its microcontrollers are easy to use and are also affordable in comparison to others available in the market. The most popular one being the Arduino Uno R3, an Atmega 328 based microcontroller which is widely used by engineering students during their final year projects.

Recently I saw a project on the internet where a guy has used an Arduino microcontroller to make a CNC machine. Though it seemed to be the task of a pro user, a newbie can also make it with the help of instructions given in the Arduino's Project Hub community. The following are some of the simple ideas that I found which is, by all means, possible for a final year ECE student to develop for their final year project -

1. Health band - A smart assistant for the elderly

2. Tiny Sleep Controller - Power Saving with Arduino

3. Distance Measurement vehicle - via WebSocket

4. Plant Monitoring System using AWS IOT

5. DIY Voltmeter using Arduino and Nokia 5110 display

6. CO2 Monitoring System

7. Morse Card - A Tiny Telegraph Station

8. Ultrasonic Security System

9. Purdue Exomind Glove

Finally, those who want to try the CNC one (it's really tough) can click on this link. There are many projects which are available on their project hub to learn and try for. The best part is Arduino community have worked hard to compile these projects especially for Arduino users and learners and have made it free to use under the GNU distribution license. They have provided the full list of materials needed and also the library and code required for finishing the project. Further, they have added the ideas that can be brought to the present project to modify it and upgrade it to one level above. So, I think those who are in need of some ideas will definitely find an inspiration from a bunch of these topics.

Let us know if you have any favorite Arduino project or idea in your mind which you want to share with the CE community.
Amol Agarwal
Amol Agarwal • Jan 8, 2018
Very Informative post @Amit Kumar Jha. I believe that although Arduino is a very important learning tool for beginners, it would be better to restrict its use to 3rd year as, by this time, the students have learned the basics. Then they must be made to experiment on some advanced boards and on the IDE (Atmel studio) which is much more powerful and better at debugging than the Adruino IDE. It also allows the use of all the functions and interrupts of the microcontroller chip.
Regarding the projects, I think some really cool projects are:

1. Sound Synthesizer
2. Smart Rat Trap
3. Make your own Oscilloscope
4. Fingerprint Lock

These are some interesting project ideas but there are much more out there so, please share if you have some ideas.

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