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Should you solve the Extra 12 Questions in BIT-SAT?

Discussion in 'BIT-SAT' started by Ankita Katdare, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Ankita Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    The BIT-SAT takes know that they have the option to solve extra 12 questions.
    But there is a confusion whether to attempt them or not? :confused:

    As per the Brochure:

    So, the important points to be noted are:

    1. You are not given any extra time to answer these questions.
    2. You need to attempt all 150 questions. You cannot leave any question blank
    3. You cannot go back any change any of your answers
    According to BITS, these extra 12 questions are a designed to be tougher than the rest.
    Whereas, almost every BITSian who has got a score of 350+ claims to have attempted these extra 12 questions. :sshhh:

    So if you use a little guesswork and do a little time management, I think you should attempt those 12 Extra Questions. :)
  2. Manish Goyal

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Buddy i really appreciate your work

    Keep it up

    It will help a lot
  3. vishnu priya

    vishnu priya Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Seriously its a great suggestion and sure that it will help a lot !
    Good piece of information!
  4. virajvoditel

    virajvoditel Enthusiast

    Engineering Discipline:
    The highest cut off in the recent years has been less than 350 (If you get above 350, you'll get the branch of your choice). So according to me, it is not necessu ary to attempt the extra questions. Infact, it is quite a gamble. You need to have solved all 150 questions before the time gets over in order to redeem the extra ones. If you do any guesswork, there are negative marks. As it is you don't need more than 350/450. So why take this unnecessary risk and lower your score.

    I would like to add that most of the students don't attemp the extra questions as opposed to AbraKadabra's post, since it really is not needed (unless you are a very great topper or something :p). Solve as many questions as you can comfortably, and you will sail through with flying colours :)

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