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Secure Data Transmission

The system deals with security during transmission of data. Commonly used technology is cryptography. This system deals with implementing security-using Steganography.


In this technology, the end user identifies an image which is going to act as the carrier of data. The data file is also selected and then to achieve greater speed of transmission the data file and image file are compressed and sent. Prior to this the data is embedded into the image and then sent. The image if hacked or interpreted by a third party user will open up in any image previewer but not displaying the data. This protects the data from being invisible and hence be secure during transmission. The user in the receiving end uses another piece of code to retrieve the data from the image.

Steganography is the art and science of hiding that communication is happening. Although the secrecy of the information is not degraded, its hidden nature is revealed, defeating the main purpose of Steganography. Before embedding data into an image, Outguess can determine the maximum message size that can be hidden while still being able to maintain statistics based on frequency counts.

Compression reduces the average code length used to represent the symbols of an alphabet. Symbols of the source alphabet which occur frequently are assigned with short length codes. The general strategy is to allow the code length to vary from character to character and to ensure that the frequently occurring character have shorter codes.

  • Java
  • Image Processing

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