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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 20, 2017

Scorpion-3 - The hover bike offers the coolest way to go to office

Who doesn't want to ride a flying bike? A team of crazy engineers at HoverSurf, a San Francisco based startup, has developed a flying machine that combines the joy of riding a bike and flying. The result is is quite awesome; as you can see in the following video. HoverSurf calls it 'Scorpion-3 platform' which can be used as a hoverbike, a cargo drone and a drone taxi. Looking at the design, the bike may not be ready to take you to college or office just yet; but we might just be looking at the future of personal transport.

HoverSurf says that its state of the art flight controllers make the bike safe. A mix of automation and manual control will help the rider keep check of altitude as well as speed. However, the proximity of high speed blades with that of the rider might just make it unsafe for public utility. We don't expect Scorpion-3 to be ready for mass production anytime soon.


It's worth noting that the Scorpion-3 is completely electric powered. The team is looking to crowdfund the project and mentions that it has invested lot of efforts in designing a compact bike and safety.

We'd expect the design to undergo changes before HoverSurf decides to make it available in the markets. Till then, let's just keep dreaming about arriving in our office on this hover/drone bike. It'd be cool, what say you?

Source: Engadget

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