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ankur.7 • Sep 15, 2008

Scope of Chemical Engineering?

hey guys.
i am doing chemical engineering from India. Currently i am in my first year ...
i just wanted to know about the scope and the present and future prospects in the field of chemical engineering- abroad as well as in India.
Also, will an MBA or an MS degree be beneficial to me in the future?? And are chemical engineers paid well as compared to other engineers?

thanks a lot!!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 15, 2008
I guess the title should have been different, because the 'scope' of chemical engineers is so big! 😀

Regarding the prospects; Chemical Engineers will always be in demand and you don't have to worry about 'jobs' too early. Just concentrate on being a good chemical engineer and you'll have no shortage of jobs.

No one in this world can tell or advice you about the future of anything. All I can say is - if you are good, you'll find a way. You may not like my answer, but that's all I can say.

I believe your sole purpose behind taking up engineering was to get a job - and trust me, you will get it.
Well lets say chemical engineers have new profession apart from usual chemistry related stuff,they are extensively prefered as health,safety & environmant engineers/managers and these are very imp for ant chemical related companies
rajchemiczna • May 21, 2011
in 2010 chemical engineers are one of the top paid professionals..!!
rajchemiczna • May 21, 2011
hey guys u have any idea abt final year project??

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