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Sample letter for complaint about coworker or supervisor to boss

A nagging coworker is the worst thing to get, but that's an inevitable fate you just have no control over. However, you should not forget that you are a grown-up professional and it means, some petty issues must be tackled diplomatically by you without involving higher authority. But what if the situation crosses the threshold? And if you have to complain, then what is the best approach to involve your boss?

This is a very common problem that we face in today's cut-throat competitive world. Most probably, the people you work with are not your friends but co-workers, the higher authority is not your teacher or guardian but your boss. So, depending on your situation you must make your official complaint letter look clear, professional and without unnecessary comments.

Here goes my top 5 tips that you must check before drafting the complaint letter:

1. Know what to ask for: It's very important to know what your problem is and what exact solution you are demanding. Do you need a different partner or do you think some collaborative work can improve the situation? Try to be straightforward but lenient because your situation might also have a second version.

2. Why do you need your boss to get involved: Okay, I know your situation might be worse than others but after all, your boss might just want you to be empathetic. And you should be because if you are planning to work in the same working environment your first course of action should be a one to one conversation with the partner you are having problems with. Mention why it did not work in your case. Be open from your side.

3. Speak clearly, in a comprehensive way: You might want to give one or two examples of the problem but do not include too much information which may seem inappropriate. It should not be an hour long raillery.

4. Refrain from making any personal comments: Even if the troublemaker takes a shape of a vermin in your head, try not to show that in your letter. Nobody can keep you from loving or hating one but that does not mean the guy is evil to the rest of the world. You should not take the seemingly noble responsibility to help your boss see his true face. Keep your personal comments to yourself.

5. Do mention that you are open to his suggestions: Sometimes, even big problems seem petty after working together for many years. In fact, you may not realize, but the most irritating co-worker can become the best friend of your life. Not that I am telling you to make friends in your office but "friendliness" is a virtue that actually solves a lot of problems. And if your boss suggests you attend some social sessions or training with your co-worker, try it out.

Oh, and do not forget to add a salutation, an introductory paragraph, and a 'thank you' message at the end.

Here goes my sample for a comprehensive complaint letter about a coworker to your boss. Tell us about your experience. Let us know if such situations have occurred in your life and how did you write your letters? Which points should and should not be in the complaint letter?
Super helpful suggestions.
As they say, coworkers are not your friend. Each one of them is an employee of the company and will look for their wellbeing even if that requires trashing you. Now, a need for complaint may arise out of different reasons. It may be because of a coworker affecting your normal working/productivity, it may also because you noticed discrepancies or even worse, corruption in his/her work etc. It is absolutely essential to furnish enough proofs or relevant data to support your statements and keep personal egos and sentiments away in the process. The letter should also contain possible suggestions to your boss from your side to tackle the situation effectively.

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