06 Oct 2018

Sage Agastya Battery Recreated - Were our ancestors more advanced than we are?

Just stumbled upon this video and while it's simple chemistry to us, I'm wondering if the ancient people actually knew a lot more than we do? 

Wondering if anyone's had a chance to read the Agastya Samhita?

06 Oct 2018

Firstly, it is much simpler to hang the copper and zinc vertically with a gap rather than using saw dust to keep the horizontal foils separate. Secondly, saw dust being lighter wouldn’t remain in that position when the copper sulphate solution was poured in. I am not aware that zinc metal was available at Agastya’s time.

I have initiated some investigation with Prof.Sriram, a physicist, who’s currently working on ancient astronomy in India studying various Sanskrit documents. Shall post here if anything turns up.

06 Oct 2018

I find it very unlikely that Agastya described a primary cell and series connection of a hundred of them.

There are even doubts about his period. Agastya samita’s veracity itself is questioned by scholars.

Anyway here is some more ‘time pass’ (more like time waste) info:


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