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cooltwins • Jul 31, 2012

Saga App Is Siri's Proactive Version For The iPhone

Seattle-based company A.R.O. is launching an app for the iPhone. The app is called 'Saga' and is a proactive version of iPhone’s Siri. Unlike Siri, it does not wait for you to ask questions. It keeps track of your location, activities, your job, age and interests and builds a complete profile about you. Using this data, it comes up with recommendations that you might be interested in.

The “Now” area displays your current location automatically i.e. without any manual input. It then displays the places or landmarks nearby. It can also provide the local weather report and if the weather is good, it might suggest you a trip or an activity. And when you are outside, it can give you updates on the traffic conditions and help you choose a traffic-free route. It can remind you of the upcoming sports events and by scrolling down the page you can find out the places you have been to.


The app can collect data about you from activity tracking sources like RunKeeper, Withings, and Fitbit. Saga does look like a perfect “intelligent companion” but it will take some time before it can understand you better. So, if you feel it does not live up to your expectations at the very first attempt, you should wait - give it a day or two and then see the result. Convincing people to wait for this long might be the biggest hurdle Saga team will face.

But if the app is going to track each and every activity of the user, it is going to raise privacy concerns. The makers say that when the users see the product and its effectiveness, they will be convinced with the use of 24x7 location tracking. With assurance that the user's details won't be shared with anyone, the user has an option to wipe out all the data when they feel they are done with the application.

Via: VentureBeat

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