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smriti • Mar 30, 2012

Rumors of PlayStation 4 Surface Or Shall I Say, Orbis?

A console is coming and so are the rumors stemming from "reliable" unsigned sources but what's the harm in speculating? Now Kotaku claims to have extracted some information about the next PlayStation console. A "trusted" source, they say, has been able to divulge few details, including the codename of the successor.

PlayStation 4 seems to have been titled 'Orbis' which means 'Orbit' or 'Circle' in Latin. 'Orbis' alone doesn't give out much about the PlayStation 4 but the fact that when you put it together with Sony's handheld system 'Vita', the phrase Orbis Vita (or Orbis Vitae in Latin) literally translates to 'The circle of life". Well, that's some food for thought, indeed.


The source also let Kotaku in on some basic specifications that are supposedly being integrated into the PlayStation 4. Apparently, PlayStation 4 would house an AMD x64 CPU with AMD Southern Islands GPU. The resolution is quoted to be up to 4096x2160, which is far more than what most current HDTV sets provide. 3D games in 1080p are also speculated.

The source adds that most finalised beta kits will ship to "select developers" towards the end of 2012 allowing them enough time to launch games ready for the Orbis' retail release. The release date is expected to be around 2013 holiday season, similar to PS3 release, which was scheduled in holiday shopping season as well.

So far, so good. Now for the bad news, backwards compatibility doesn't seem to be a feature in the new version, which means your PS3 game collection will be rendered obsolete once the new PlayStation launches. Another setback is the possibility of some anti-used games measures built into the console. New games will be available either on a Blu-Ray disc or as a PSN download, both locked to a single PSN account to which is mandatory to launch the game. As for disc trading, the pre-owned customer would no longer enjoy full game-play experience limited in what they can do. It's believed pre-owned games would require a fee to unlock/register the full game. Personally, would hate if this happens.

Lastly, just a gentle reminder, none of it has been confirmed yet. But, what if?

Source: Kotaku Image Credit: ps3news

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