21 Feb 2012

RIM Blackberry Server Setup In Mumbai

The fight between Indian Government and Canadian Research In Motion (RIM) aka the makers of Blackberry smartphone just got tougher over the security concerns expressed by Indian Government. The latest development on this front is that RIM has setup a server in Mumbai and it's been inspected by the Indian Security Officers. This move will let Indian Government control and gain access to all the encrypted communication happening through the Mumbai based server which will primarily cater to the communication (Blackberry Messenger & Email) among BB's Indian subscriber base.

An estimated 5000 businesses in India rely on Blackberry for communication & email. Indian Government was really bullish on RIM and asked the company to abort Indian operations if they didn't provide access to all the communication through BB services.

With Microsoft and Google planning to offer similar communication services; it'd be interesting to watch Indian Government's stand on the issues. What do you think about the RIM Vs. Indian Government fight?

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