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theta kappan
theta kappan • Jul 29, 2008

Ribbon wire repair project

Hello. My autistic son's overhead mobile DVD monitor dropped from the unit (locking nut vibrated out of the locking shaft) tearing apart the ribbon wire connector. Panasonic techs say they cannot locate the "correct" ribbon to replace it. Does anyone have experience repairing ribbon wire? This particular one is 2.223 cm wide with 16 leads. I know the project is challenging, but would be much less difficult if I got some good experienced direction.
Any thoughts???
satheesh27887 • Jul 30, 2008
I don't have experience in tis field....
anyhav ALL THE BEST>>>>
reachrkata • Jul 30, 2008
The easiest way out would be for you to take the unit to your nearest local electrical stores and ask the person there to solder the 2 broken ends of the ribbon cable with small wires.


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