09 Feb 2019

Requirements for a civil engineer as business startup

Hi, I am M. Tech in Civil engineering having 10 years of work experience in civil engineering now want to start my own business -as design engineer ,consultant or contractor ..so can any one suggest me what may be the simple way and paper work required for the same.

thank you for kind suggestions will be waiting for replies .

10 Feb 2019

Amit - the first thing to figure out would be whether you wish to get into business as an individual or have partners (co-founders). If you are going solo - it's better to register a proprietorship entity. It's the simplest form of setting up business. You can get it done from any CA in your city/town and the expenses would be under Rs. 5K. 

If you have co-founders and want a more formal setup - you may look at establishing a private limited company in India. If you have any specific questions about any of these, ask them below. 

It's not clear whether you wish to have more information about what business type to venture into OR the formalities involved in establishing a business in India. Let us know and I'm sure our fellow engineers will help you out. All the best; and welcome to CrazyEngineers!

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