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Renewable Marine Energy 3rd year degree project

I'm currently doing BEng Energy and Environmental Engineering, next year is my final year and I want to do something around renewable marine energy for my 3rd year degree project so I can apply to do the MSc Marine Renewable Energy in Bangor University.  I go to UWTSD Swansea, UK, so close to the coast and live in Pembrokeshire so I'm surrounded by water!  I don't have the benefit of working in a group so it can't be too complex but I do have the use of top quality computer modelling systems and a new workshop.  I'm struggling to think of something impressive but also doable in the 9  months.  Can anyone help??

Using thermoclines to generate energy:

May be a computer simulated project on the potential for the above at different geographical locations based on available oceanographic data can be tried. This would not require any hardware development and can be a single person activity.


I want to know if we can use bull to generate electricity as old days we use to remove water from well. Can this be feasible as these will help lots of bull to survive and we can save diesel use in agriculture as well as free electric 

I want to run 20kv generator using 4bull


When a kid, I've done it myself (irrigation water from the well using bull power)at my grandfather's farm. Lots of fun riding down the slope on the cross bar between the bulls. Except when you fall ignominiously at the bottom of the slope and get up covered in wet mud.

Technically, I am afraid that the second law of thermodynamics gets in the way. The efficiency of a bull as a heat engine is poor compared to a diesel engine. Biologically because of methane gas emission, the carbon foot print of the bull will also be much higher than a diesel engine. Assuming that you meant 20 KW and not 20 kv, I feel that four bulls cannot generate more than 3 KW in a sustained mode.

You need a lot of space for the fuel (fodder) and sorry to say, you'll end up with a lot of, well, Bullshit. Of course, this can be made into another fuel, dung cake, for village home use. That has its own pollution issue of high carbon monoxide toxicity.

Let the bulls be.

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