Remember Google Wave? It's Dead!

Google wave is finally dead. Engadget reported:

I wonder how many of Google's product really become successful and last long!
Did anyone use Google Wave, ever? 😁
Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
I don't think anyone touched it. 😛
I remember this thread here:
It really was so complicated to understand (so unlike other Google videos). But I am looking forward to know from CEans who have used it about what really went wrong with that product.
Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar

Branch Unspecified
I have used google wave.. Its was just great.
problem is, when it was launched . It's too complicated for general users, took too much time to load.
If it would launched today with some ligher version and intergration with android, It would be a very good tool for live collaboration.

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