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10 Nov 2008

Regional Politics in India

i wonder how this topic hasnt come up for debate yet..........

Raj Thackerays region based politics........u views......

Shud ppl from UP,Bihar stay put or leave maharashtra??
Is it justified in aski some1 to move away when they r in their own country??
Is thr any way to stop further division in the country which is already divided on religion basis
10 years ago
Couple of points :-

1. Avoid SMS text and long trail of dots in your posts.
2. Since CE is an international forum, the titles need to be appropriate. Changing the current title to Regional Politics in India.



10 years ago
well to some extent raj thackery is right,influx of poeple from the mention state have increased over limits,not in maharastra but everypart of india,giving due respect to their hard-wroking nature they can take their respective state to greater heights,the motto is right but the way is wrong!!!definately i condemn his recent acts

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