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Red Alert: 65% of IT techies may lose jobs

Capgemini India chief Srinivas Kandula feels that most of the nearly 4 million IT workforce comes from low-grade engineering colleges that do not have a proper grading system to show a good record. Many are untrainable in the new skills needed. 65% may risk losing jobs.
Is this another doomsday projection or is there some truth in this dismal analysis? Apparently the students could not answer questions on their last semester work even.
Where has engineering teaching failed?

Clipping of Express Publications - The New Indian Express-Bengaluru
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 20, 2017
That's unfortunately true; but not entirely shocking. The automation is taking over and machines are way better at doing mundane jobs. For corporates that must generate profits, cutting down on the salaries is the best way to save expenses.

What's shocking is that this time, it's the mid and senior management staff that's going to face the axe. I was talking to my friend who works at Infosys. He said that even Infosys is looking to adopt automation to take care of the costs.

I just hope this doesn't happen just as being projected. Sometimes CEOs just have to 'float' such news to see immediate rise in productivity. It should last for good 3-4 months. Fear, after all, is one of the BIGGEST motivator.

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