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vadhiv • Jan 25, 2009

Qustion about power generation & distribution

hi 2 all im new to this forum nd i am having some many dbts please clarify them clearly

what type of power is generating in the generating station (ac or dc)

2)why should we step up and step down so many times frm generating station to the distribution system

pls answer clearly

Electricity generation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Electric power transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

hey read these links of you find time.

if not quick answer is the power is generated in AC

Regarding the stepping up and stepping down:

The power is generated with normal voltage it is stepped down to high voltage and is transmitted to substations and from there still it is stepped down for distribution.
The stepping up is to reduce the transmission loses as these loses are proportional to ISquare (square of current) so stepping up reduces the currrent .
there are many more advantages as well the detail description will be in the link.
DC generation is too costly and cumbersome,and secondly transmitting high AC voltage reduces the losses but it cant be used to operate home applainces or machinery,thats why they are reduced in steps depending on the distribution area!!!

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