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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 8, 2013

Questions people ask to the entrepreneurs

At social gatherings, people will ask you questions and be more inquisitive if you tell them that you run a / work for a startup company. I've observed that if you answer the question 'What do you do?' with 'I work for ' then the conversation goes into different topic quickly than when you answer 'I run my own company or I run a startup' or 'I work for a startup called '.

The 'bottom' question people are interested in is 'So, how much do you earn?'. I'm totally surprised to discover that people are genuinely interested in knowing how much money you really make! That's shocking!

Yet 'another' question that I've been asked is, 'Are you doing this full time?'. People are shocked to know that you run a 'website' for a living.

PS: Couldn't help starting this post after reading a wonderful thread on nextbigwhat. 😀
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jan 8, 2013
That's awkward people interested in "How much money" earned by entrepreneur.
I would rather be interested in challenges faced during the venture setup and how they manage personnel,finance & strategy of getting clients.
I have two of my friends who are on path of entrepreneurship, I am watching them closely and may be I would be in position to do on my own.
Rupam Das
Rupam Das • Jan 10, 2013
And people also do ask " Hey you can get a great job in a good company. Why not trying it?"
Interesting enough, people do not ask me how much I earn, one common questing when I tell them, I run a company for 10 years is " Good. but where you work?" 😀
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 10, 2013
Strange, people don't ask you how much money do you earn. That was the top FAQ I always got from people ever since the day I got into professional world. Also, I've found out that the easier way of starting a conversation when you're asked "What do you do?" is to tell them, "I work for " and then they'll just ask you where is the company based. I tell them United States Of America and they quickly show greater respect. Tried it once. Worked. May try again.
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jan 10, 2013
run a company for 10 years " Good. but where you work?"
Rupam Das
Rupam Das • Jan 10, 2013
From my experience, this is how it works

When you start---> Friends ( ahhh?)-----> Relatives( See he dint get a job)--> Neighbors ( 😁 No job)
After three years---> Friends ( cool dude)---> Relatives ( Chay, this fellow yet not got a job)--> Neighbors ( Waste fellow)

After 5-7 years---> Friends ( Wow man, you are the one)---> Relatives ( Hum, he is a businessman, earning heavily. Proudy)---> Neighbors ----> ( Baapre , he has shined in business! I know he would one day)

After ten years you loose almost all your relatives and friends due to various reasons as your priority is your work.

So what people ask varies on this time frame. In fact the fun+agony+surprise+frustration reaches new heights once an "entrepreneur" decides to get married and attends "marriage interviews" 😁
Rupam Das
Rupam Das • Jan 10, 2013
If any one of you are Entrepreneur and have not managed to have a partner due to your schedule and is expecting to find one in short time, here is the Question paper for you

1. How much income tax you have been filling?
2. How much fixed deposit do you have?
3. If the house by your parents on your name?
4. If business do not run in coming days what are your plans?
5. How you plan to give time to our daughter ( or son) if you spend 15 hours in office?
6. Do you own a car? a flat?
7. Can you try for an IT job?
😁 😁

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