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Puzzle of the day -3

Hi Everyone,

Here is the next puzzle .

There are 4 people wearing a cap each , there are 2 white caps and 2 black caps no one knows who are wearing what..

they stood in a way given below.

1 2 3 (wall) 4

1 wearing - white
2 wearing - white
3 wearing - black
4 wearing - black

1 can see 2 and 3 , 2 can see 3 , 3 and 4 can see none .

So the question is who says that he is wearing that cap and too correctly?

People who already knows this question please edit this if need to ...
people who already knows the answer please await others to answer ..

Is this same as ->

Hi biggie , this is the HAT puzzle , but i dont know what is the old one anyways i encountered this some where else.

So guys answer who will tell and why?
i want somebody to answer this one !!!!😔😔😔😔
rishna • Feb 13, 2009
The man who calls out is Number 2.
well ill tel u y..if its correct
Thanks rite 😎.

I know the reason why . but answer it such that everyone will be aware of!!!!
rishna • Feb 13, 2009
Ok here is the explanation...
1 could see that 2,3 wearing two different color hats. If 2,3 were wearing same color hats then 1 could say the color hat he was wearing. Now 1 is not sure of the color hat he is wearing and did not say. So 2 the smart fellow(rishna) came to know that he is not wearing the same color hat as the person in front of him.
Now as 2 could see 3 wearing black hat he then, confidently said white.
Hope it is clear to everyone.
The explanation is perfect dude thats correct !!!😁😁
jia • Feb 15, 2009
$%&%^&%*,what was that, \?, looking for the answer buddy

$%&%^&%*,what was that, \?, looking for the answer buddy

Where did you find this ? 😎

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