Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal
Computer Science
17 Oct 2016

Pros and Cons of being a Freelancer

I am working as a freelancer since last 3 years and today I was just thinking why don't everyone having years of experience in Industry opt for being a freelancer after some time as there is more money because for same work when I was getting roughly 50 k per month now I am getting 3 times more for same work, there is no boss, no coworkers to deal with , own hours means you can work anytime you want

Now there are few cons that I have observed

You have no social life, I don't have many friends only few even to whom i don't get much time to spend with (not sure if I need to improve my time management skills or where I am lacking).

Clients can ping you anytime even during night time as most of the clients are from pacific time zone (in my case)

So I am both happy and sad, financially I am strong but socially I am weak again a question is what is more important for someone money or social life
17 Oct 2016
Not only for freelancers, but most of the entrepreneurs will go through the same. Social life takes a hit when you're busy building your venture. When I was in college and also when I worked for a company, I'd never have time to get bored. Was always with friends and enjoyed every bit of it.

Most of the entrepreneurs stay motivated by reminding themselves of this: -


Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will happen 😁 .

But that said, if one could master the art of delegation; life becomes easier. I keep reminding myself: "A busy man has time for everything".

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