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m4enigma • Mar 3, 2008

Project in java

Hi all..

Please suggest me a project which i can do in java.. which looks a little innovative.. and is a new concept..

Plez help me out!!!

mall • Mar 3, 2008
u can make game in java applets
friendster7 • Mar 3, 2008
which year are u need final year project..
m4enigma • Mar 4, 2008
I am in 3rd year.. not final year..

I am thinking of making a project on the network..
Its like collecting information about the computers on the network..

Like what processes are they running.. Which machines are on or off..
What is the cpu usage and page file usage.. What is the memory usage.
all these kind of things..

Plz guide me..

What windows dlls would i be required to access about getting these information..
vitthal1989 • Jul 17, 2008
i am last year somputers please give any project on java Please help!!!!

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